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Blog Featured: Mark Kirk Meltdown: From “Coffins” To Clean Bill?

After Mark Kirk took heat for his inflammatory remarks that Republicans “should build a number of coffins outside each Democratic office”if there was a terror attack during a potential DHS shutdown and that “all the dead Americans from [an attack] should be laid at the feet of the Democratic caucus,” it seems he has changed his tune after seeing some brutal poll numbers.

A new poll yesterday showed that voters in Illinois and several other key Senate battleground states were inclined to vote against Kirk and others who are driving the government towards a potential DHS shutdown. 47% of Illinois voters said they’d be less likely to vote for Kirk for tying DHS funding to immigration policy.

After seeing the polling, Kirk now “generally agrees with the Democratic position.”

Is he serious?

“After despicably remarking just yesterday that Republicans should build fake coffins in the event of a terrorist attack to score political points, Mark Kirk is clearly floundering as he attempts to change his tune on a clean DHS funding bill,” said Sadie Weiner, National Press Secretary at the DSCC. “Apparently it takes a day of bad headlines and some brutal poll numbers to convince Mark Kirk to stop being irresponsible, but the fact remains that Kirk has been along for the ride as the GOP majority has plowed ahead with absolutely no plan to fund DHS. Illinois families deserve better than a Senator like Mark Kirk who callously lobs political attacks in the face of a DHS shutdown then changes his tune the moment he fears for his reelection.”

Blog: Jewish Americans are proud to stand with Gov. Quinn

This originally appeared in a recent issue of The Chicago Jewish News:

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Blog: Democrat Mike Frerichs talks with Tenth Dems volunteers


Democratic candidate for State Treasurer Mike Frerichs spoke to a crowd of Tenth Dems volunteers and members in Riverwoods.

Tenth Dems University (TDU) continued its Meet the Candidate series with our latest featured guest, State Senator Michael Frerichs. Frerichs has fought to create jobs and make college more affordable, and now he’s running for State Treasurer.

Mike Frerichs talked to a room of Tenth Dems volunteers and members at The Flame (formerly Jimmy’s Charhouse) in Riverwoods.

He told the crowd that he’s running for Treasurer to bring much needed accountability, transparency and competency to Illinois finances, and to put state investments to work to help build the middle class.

As a former Champaign County Auditor, he received national recognition for bringing transparency to county budgets.

RSVP for our next Tenth Dems University event, CSI: Lake County – Behind the Scenes, presented by experienced law enforcement officer, Lake County Coroner’s Office investigator and Democratic candidate for Lake County Sheriff, Jason Patt.

Check out pictures from our Meet the Candidate event with Mike Frerichs:

Blog Featured: Local Democrats Accepting Fall 2014 Internship Applications

Deerfield — The Illinois Tenth Congressional District Democrats (Tenth Dems) is now accepting applications for its Fall 2014 Internship Program. The internship is a substantive program designed for high school, college and graduate students seeking an opportunity to become deeply engaged in the political process.

Tenth Dems is a grassroots political organization that helps mobilize voters and interest groups in one of the most widely watched and intensely contested congressional districts in the country.

This is the ideal time to complete a political internship as the critical 2014 midterm elections approach. General assignments include staffing of events and issue forums, door-to-door canvassing with candidates, working in campaign offices and conducting research. In the past, Tenth Dems interns have staffed events for candidates and elected officials up and down the ballot, including then-Senator and now U.S. President Barack Obama, Senator Dick Durbin, and Congressman Brad Schneider, among others. Tenth Dems has also held events featuring frequent MSNBC contributors John Nichols and Karen Finney. Interns may also choose to complete specialized assignments in new media, IT management and political outreach.

Our Summer 2014 class of interns and volunteers helped plan a summer picnic at Ravinia with Rep. Schneider.

Our Summer 2014 class of interns and volunteers helped plan a summer picnic at Ravinia with Rep. Schneider.

Internships are unpaid, educational positions; however, course credit is available from some high schools and colleges. Read More »

Blog Featured: Vote for the Party

by Barbara Altman, Editor, Tenth News

It has become something of a cliché for North Shore voters to proclaim, “I vote for the individual, not the party.” The implication is that a thoughtful and intelligent voter will carefully examine the qualifications, positions, and—when available—records of competing candidates before deciding which one to support. Well, this thoughtful and intelligent North Shore voter is here to tell you that she rejects that approach to politics as antiquated and naive. No. I am proud to say that I vote for the party, not the person. I vote for Democrats.

Disclaimer: Although I have always been a Democrat, I have, in the distant past, voted for an occasional Republican.The most prominent example that comes to mind is Jacob Javits. When he was a Senator from my home state, New York, he had my vote.  But, here’s the thing. If Jacob Javits were alive today, no way would he be a Republican.  Today’s Republican Party stands for policies so radically right wing, and so antithetical to my core beliefs, that I am confident that no one willing to call himself (or herself) a Republican could possibly share those core beliefs.

Oh, today’s occasional Republican may talk moderation. But, without fail, when a 21st century Republican takes office, moderation takes off. Did Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker run on a platform of union busting, making it more difficult for students and working people to vote, and interfering with a woman’s right to control her reproductive health? No. But in partnership with a Republican legislature, Walker has made these his priorities.


Highland Park-area Democrats turned out in droves for a State of the Union watch party, earlier this year.

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