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Blog: A Good Neighbor with a Storied Legacy

By Lindy Mika

If you’ve lived in Lake County long, it’s probably a safe bet you know the name Terry Link. It’s likely you’ve actually met Terry, who’s been a resident of the district his entire life. Perhaps he was knocking on doors in your neighborhood or stopped by a community event in your area. Or maybe you just saw him talking to locals at Gojo’s, his favorite hometown Waukegan restaurant. You may even know that he is currently your state senator.Illinois_Senator_Terry_Link_publicdomain

What might be less well known, however, is Terry Link’s longstanding record as a representative of your community. That’s because, as Terry puts it, “I’m just not a show-off.” While he may be modest man, his list of achievements is expansive. It’s important during this election season that we be reminded of what exactly Terry has done for the community over his tenure.

Throughout his productive career, Terry Link has fought diligently for the middle class, women’s rights, seniors’ financial security, and environmental reforms.

Terry supported a healthy middle class by voting to establish a standard individual tax deduction of $2,050 that rises with inflation. He also sponsored the last minimum wage increase in Illinois, giving working families a chance to get ahead.

Terry has a proven record as a strong advocate of women’s rights. He is proudly pro-choice. In 2003, Terry co-sponsored legislation that required insurance companies to offer coverage of contraceptives and family planning services to women. He was also a chief co-sponsor of the Equal Pay Act, a measure prohibiting wage discrimination based on sex.

During Terry’s time in office, he has been a strong proponent for ensuring that seniors can keep the earnings they’ve spent their lives saving. In 2004, he championed the first homestead exemption to local property taxes for senior citizens in 20 years. He also worked to pass a prescription drug discount program for the disabled and elderly.

Terry even received a 100 percent environmental scorecard from the Illinois Environmental Council this year, after supporting 11 different bills designed to improve our environment. He even spearheaded Smoke Free Illinois legislation, an initiative that is guaranteed to improve Illinois’s public health for generations.

If there’s one reason Terry is your sitting senator coming into this election, it’s because he has been an exemplary representative for the area, and puts the interests of his district first.

Blog: Attorney Volunteers Needed for Election Day

By Lauren Beth Gash

To our Attorney Friends –

(Feel free to forward to lawyer friends and family — and law students may participate, as well.)

Protecting our environment. Affordable healthcare. Women’s rights. Marriage equality. A living minimum wage. Equal pay for equal work, Medicare as we know it. This is just a tiny bit of what’s at stake on November 4th. And voter protection will be important right here in the 10th Congressional District.volunteerbutton

Election Day is almost here, and we are finalizing our Election Day Legal Team plans. Join us. As you know, Brad Schneider is running in one of the top races in the nation. Ex-Congressman Dold is back to challenge him, and, judging by the amount of money the Republicans and their billionaire Tea Party supporters have put into this race, it is as important a race to them as it is to us. We need to make sure supporters of Democrats — from the top of the ticket to the bottom — are allowed to vote.

We need your help to ensure that Election Day goes smoothly and that all voters have their rights protected here in the 10th District.

Sign up online to join the Election Day Voter Protection Legal Team.

There are three ways you can volunteer:

1. We need a few attorneys who are available all day to oversee the Election Day legal plan for a township-wide area. You will need to visit polling places throughout your area and be part of our rapid-response team to be dispatched to the site where any legal issues arise. This will be an all-day commitment on November 4.

2. We need attorneys to be our eyes and ears early when the polls open on Election Day. You will visit polling places between the hours of 6:00 and 9:00 am to ensure that things are running smoothly and to take action if they are not. You will be on the ground and see first-hand how things are running in the district. This position has a time commitment of6:00 to 9:00 am on November 4.

3. We need attorneys for closing time. You will need to arrive at a polling place by around 5:30 pm and remain in the polling location until it closes. You will ensure that everyone in line by 7:00 pm has an opportunity to vote, monitor the closing process, and call in the voting tally. This position has a time commitment of approximately 5:30 pm to closing (approximately 7:30 pm) on November 4.

Please let us know if you are available to help in any of these ways — sign up online or call 847-266-VOTE (8683):

There will be local training sessions done in person and by conference call. Democratic Voter Protection Training will take place Wednesday, October 8 at 5:30 pm at 222 N. LaSalle, in Chicago (Mike Kasper’s office), with a call-in option. Please let us know ASAP if you can participate in that training. We also expect to have a local training on Sunday, October 26 at 4:00 pm, most likely in the Highland Park Democratic Headquarters on Central Avenue (for those of you who attended last cycle, we have a bigger office a few doors west). Attending a training is highly recommended, and we’ll get you Election Day materials and a training manual with FAQs.

If you can help us plan and/or lead our Election Day voter protection program, please let us know!

Thank you for your support and your help in keeping Election Day running smoothly for all our candidates.


Lauren Beth Gash
10th District Election Protection Team

Blog, Featured: I’m Thinking of a Number

By Mark Rosenberg, M.D., Dean, Tenth Dems University

There are only 28 days until the November 4th elections. That number – 28 – is significant for another reason: it’s also the number of times former Republican congressman Bob Dold voted to repeal or dismantle the Affordable Care Act.

As a pediatrician, I diagnose health problems and try to help based on what I know, not just what a patient or I want to believe. Voting with the Republicans 28 times over and over on the same thing like Bob Dold did? That’s blindly following conservative ideologues, not working as a problem solver. volunteerbuttonWe need a representative who will look at the issues and respond reasonably and practically. Congressman Brad Schneider has done that. It’s why we need to make sure we support him again.

Will you sign up to volunteer in the final 28 days of this campaign?

We have less than a month until Election Day. It’s time to get out and tell friends, family and neighbors about our wonderful slate of Democratic candidates, especially Congressman Brad Schneider. See the list below to directly contact the campaigns. And, more importantly, we have to vote. You can help in this effort.

Sign up to volunteer here:



Mark Rosenberg, M.D.
Dean, Tenth Dems University

Contact information for volunteers:

Governor Pat Quinn, Grayslake Office, contact Tom Maillard, 847-946-3790 or

Senator Dick Durbin, contact Allison Schraub,

Congressman Brad Schneider, offices throughout the 10th District, contact Kim Kargman,

Senator Terry Link, District 31, Waukegan office, contact Michael Welton, 847-271-9685 or

Rep. Elaine Nekritz, District 57,

Rep. Scott Drury, District 58,

Rep. Carol Sente, District 59,

Rep. Rita Mayfield, District 60,

Rep. candidate Loren Karner, District 61, Grayslake office, contact Julia Larkin, 224-419-5312,

Rep. Sam Yingling, District 62, Grayslake office, contact Shelby, 847-223-2540,

Jason Patt for Sheriff, contact, 847-902-6264.

Janet Kilkelly for County Clerk, contact

Glenn Ryback for Treasurer, contact

John Wylie for Lake County Board, Dist. 6, contact

Lake County Board member Mary Ross Cunningham, District 9, contact

Mike Jennings for Lake County Board, District 10, contact 847-401-5318,

Blog: President Obama nails it at Northwestern

By Laurence D. Schiller

Today, President Obama came to Kellogg at Northwestern to deliver an address on the economy. Since I work at NU, I went down to see all the excitement, but wasn’t one of the invited guests, so I had to watch the speech on the White House web site ( The excitement amongst the student body was wonderful. If you didn’t see it, you should. It was a brilliant speech delivered at one of the best business schools in America. The President didn’t deliver a political speech (although it was nonetheless political as all speeches must be), but a speech clearly setting out what he and the Democrats have accomplished in resuscitating the American economy from the near collapse caused by the Robber Barons of Wall Street and their GOP obstructionist allies. Moreover, he delivered it at Kellogg and challenged our business leaders to tell him his facts were wrong. Indeed, Obama laid out the FACTS that America has gone from losing 800,000 jobs a month to gaining 200,000 a month. That unemployment has dropped from 10% to 6/1%. That 10 million jobs have been created under his watch and that health care costs have gone down, energy dependence on foreign oil down, the stock market doubled, and all in the face of the GOP who look at government as anathema to business. But, the TRUTH is that the deficit has been halved and that the ACA or Obamacare, is working. Horrors for Republicans who, like Bob Dold, have run from that TRUTH and can’t bear to admit that he was, and continues to be, completely wrong on his economic policies, and most especially on the Affordable Care Act.

To me the key to the speech was not just how the economic policies of the President have been working to create a boom in American manufacturing and job creation, but that the VISION of the Democratic Party is to continue to work for fairness in the economy. While the GOP pleads for more tax cuts for the wealthiest 1% who have already garnered the overwhelming percentage of gain in the economy, Democrats such as Brad Schneider echo the Presidents assertion that the economy must work for every single American. I’ll let you listen to the speech for the details, but this again points out what I said in the last blog, that the GOP fronts for the Robber Barons trying to tear down the New Deal, while the Democrats have fought to restore and protect it. The truth is that Reagan’s ‘trickle down’ economics do not and never have worked. The President challenged Kellogg to produce any study that would show that it does, knowing that there aren’t any. Bruce Rauner, who wants to do away with the minimum wage ought to read the studies showing how in states and cities that have raised the minimum wage have seen a boost in the economy, not the reverse. For me, ultimately, the speech absolutely defined the difference between the parties. The GOP doesn’t even have an economic plan. All they do is obstruct. When Bob Dold was in Washington, I asked him what his alternative to the ACA was, and his response was a pablum of thanks for writing but, to paraphrase, I really don’t have any ideas for health care except to keep the current system.

The President was electric today and absolutely destroyed his critics by just stating the facts. I’m just waiting for the GOP to offer any solution at all. That is the difference between the parties. They haven’t yet, so I guess I won’t hold my breath.

Blog, Featured: A Mother Votes for Quinn

by Eleonora di Liscia

You can also find this essay – and many other essays and stories – in the October issue of the Tenth News.

In September, my husband and I brought our teenage daughter to college, launching her into a new phase of her life brimming with both promise and, yes, fear.

Promise because of all the opportunities ahead of her. Fear, because I can no longer protect her. And as I let go, I hope that my daughter will be safe. I hope that my daughter will be wise.quinn signing

But if she is not safe or she is not wise, I hope that my daughter will be allowed to make decisions about her own body and what she wants for her own precious life. That if she should become a victim of either her own bad judgment or someone else’s bad intentions, my daughter will not in turn become a victim to her own biology.

Further, I hope my daughter will find her own special path through life. And when she does, I hope that she will have the same opportunity for success as her male classmates.

If my daughter should decide that her happiness lies with a same-sex partner, I hope she will be able to marry the person she loves just as she could a partner of the opposite sex. Read More »