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Blog, Featured, Newsletter Articles: Rauner “The Blunderer”

Newly-elected Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner has been flexing his muscles.  He is refusing to negotiate budget issues with General Assembly Democrats unless they also make major concessions on his non-budget economic and social agenda.

Although potential government shut-downs are nothing to sing about, Rauner’s style of governing does lend itself to doggerel.  So feel free to put words to music, as we present:

THE BLUNDERER (Sung to the Tune of “The Wanderer” by Dion, with apologies to Dion)

Parody lyrics by Eleonora di Liscia 

Oh well, he’s the kind of guv thinks he’s been elected God

Wants to change the law, all he’s got to do is nod

Tried to pay his crony, took it out of the wrong fund

In the public sector, that just isn’t how it’s done.

He’s the blunderer, Bruce the blunderer

He stomps around and around and around…

Oh well, he wants to cut the budget, slashing items left and right

Making cuts to social services — some poor kids won’t eat tonight

Thought he’d take some out of pensions, they don’t need it anyway

But his wife wants a helper, so the state has got to pay

He’s the blunderer, Bruce the blunderer

He stomps around and around and around…

Oh well, he hasn’t got a clue

He goes through life without a care

He don’t think about me or you 

He’s an autocrat made of iron, and he’s taking us nowhere

Oh yeah, he told Illinois workers 60 thou’s too much pay

Coming from the guy who makes one fortyfive grand a day

He’s made war on all the unions; big business sings his praise

And his buddies in the state house they just got a big fat raise

He’s the blunderer, Bruce the blunderer

He stomps around and around and around…

Yeah, cause he’s a blunderer

Bruce, the blunderer

He stomps around, around, around

Cause he’s a blunderer

Bruce, the blunderer

He stomps around, around, around

Cause he’s a blunderer

Yeah, a blunderer…


Blog, TDU: Sharon Sanders Named Dean of TDU

We are pleased to announce that Sharon Sanders of Northbrook has been named Dean of Tenth Dems University (TDU). This program’s free courses and events offer a chance to become a more-informed voter as well as a more active and effective political volunteer. They also teach skills that political candidates can use. sharon sanders

Sharon Sanders has been a long-time volunteer and an integral part of Tenth Dems. She was named Rosenblit Volunteer of the Year in 2010. A former teacher and small business owner, Sharon has helped run our “Let’s Talk Politics” current events series, and many know her as an active progressive volunteer for important causes.

Blog: Community Partners for Affordable Housing Celebrates Community

By Amy Rosenfeld Kaufman

Supporters came out in full force to “Celebrate Community” with Community Partners for Affordable Housing (CPAH) at a sold out event on April 23.

The overwhelming support for CPAH and affordable housing was evident as CPAH resident Laurence Marks, a single father of four, told his compelling story of a family tragedy that turned his stable life upside down.  Fortunately, Laurence was able to move with his four children into a CPAH apartment, and he remarked that calling CPAH “was the best phone call I ever made.”

CPAH honored Jami Sharfman of Highland Park, Tom Morsch of Lake Forest, and Fred Wilson of Evanston for their significant efforts to help CPAH continue to provide affordable housing opportunities and stability for local low and moderate income households, like Laurence’s.

open housing

Tenth Dems was represented at the event by Founding Chair Lauren Beth Gash

Blog: Community Connection Corner: Dems, Mini-Dems, and ArtWauk

By Karen Singer

Saturday evening, May 16, was a beautiful night for ArtWauk in downtown Waukegan, and Tenth Dems was in enthusiastic attendance at the Community Connection office.

Tenth Dems Co-chair Bonnie Berger-Neel headed up the roster of participants, along with volunteers Carolyn Rivers, Joe Dubaniewicz, Deb Seed, and Karen Singer, as well as Tenth Dems intern coordinator Joel Spiegel and intern Peter Shin.

Adding even more life to the party were a few mini-Dems in the form of Bonnie’s and Carolyn’s grandchildren.

Later in the evening former 10th District Congressman Brad Schneider, who is running to regain his seat, came by with his wife, Julie.  They enjoyed conversations with ComCon attendees and passersby, as well as the wonderful art at Waukegan’s galleries.

The best part of the evening was talking to good people and letting them know about Community Connection’s presence in and contribution to the Waukegan community—that for Tenth Dems, politics is about more than elections. From conducting job interview training for ex-offenders to tending the community garden to holding an annual poetry/prose contest for high schoolers to participating in ArtWauk, Community Connection is actively engaged with the Waukegan community year round.

Artwauk with Brad

Stopping at Community Connection during ArtWauk, former 10th District Congressman Brad Schneider and wife Julie Dann step next door to Tufo Galerie for a photo with Patrick Tufo and musician

Blog: Tenth Dems Prize for Prose Leads to Recognition by Labor Group

This report is based on an article that first appeared in The Fox Valley Labor News, Jennifer Rice, Managing Editor


Tenth Dems has a motto: Politics should be about more than just elections.  It wants its community to be a better place to live and strives to do things for good, as exemplified by its 5th Annual Poetry and Prose Competition.  This year, students who entered the competition were asked to write about hope.
check presentation 2

The awards ceremony, at which contest participants are invited to read aloud, was held in Waukegan on April 14.  That evening, Northeastern Illinois Federation of Labor Financial Secretary-Treasurer Brian DuPuis heard second place prose winner Tomani Raimondi read her story about a children’s strike and the efforts of Samuel Gompers, the first and longest-serving president of the American Federation of Labor, to help the children and give them hope.

The 17-year-old Zion-Benton Township High School student said of her piece, “We were learning about the children’s strike in English class, and I was really interested in the topic. I thought it would be an interesting topic to write about, and a challenge.”  Her creative writing teacher encouraged her to enter the contest, she added.

DuPuis was so impressed with Raimondi’s story that he invited her to present it to Northeastern Illinois Federation of Labor delegates at their monthly meeting on April 22.

The high school junior, who would like to pursue a career as a librarian, was excited for the opportunity to share her prose piece again. “I expected Brian to say I did a good job, but it was better to be invited to the meeting and read my story,” Raimondi said.

At the April 14 Community Connection Poetry/Prose Awards Night, Raimondi received a check for $75 from Tenth Dems for her prize-winning story.  The Northeastern Illinois Federation of Labor matched that award and presented her with another check for $75 on April 22.